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A Professional Bat Repair

We handcraft each bat with care, in order to get the best performance from each piece of willow and once it leaves us it will need to be looked after.  The willow is a raw material and is not indestructible, if your bat does break or needs some attention due to wear and tear then we can usually repair it.

The glue we use is stronger than the timber itself and is also flexible, so it very rarely breaks in the same place after being repaired. It is always best to get a professional to repair bats; home style DIY repairs often hinder rather than help. No amount of batting tape or nails can replace the quality of the correct adhesive. Bats lose little to no performance when professionally repaired.

The Bat Repair Process

Repairs usually take 2 weeks but during the height of the season it can be longer. 

If you are local, please bring in your bat and we can assess the damage, bat repairs are ready to collect on SATURDAY MORNINGS,  you will receive an e mail with collection advice  and you will be told which Saturday when you drop off your bat, please keep your email  so we can find your bat when it is ready.

If you are one of our customers from far and wide then please send your bat to us, making sure it is properly protected and always inclosing your name, contacts number and email, your bat will be sent back to you when it is ready.

We offer free of charge repair on your new Warsop bat within the first 12 months, proof of purchase must be held, so please retain your receipt and the bat must have been cared for and not misused. Unfortunately we cannot cover the cost of postage or new grips etc but the repair is free.

Avoiding Repairs

Bat breaks are unfortunately part of the game but there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your bat; Making sure it is knocked in and oiled and trying not to toe tap but most importantly please ensure you are using a good quality ball as this is one of the main reasons bats breaks. Cheap sub-standard balls have no give in them and cause damage. Our cricket balls have many layers of cork and string which absorb the shock waves; a cheaper ball may cost you more in repairs in the long run and lastly please retain any pieces of timber that may fly out of your bat as they may not be able to be repaired without these pieces.