Warsop Sunday league

Warsop has supported Sunday League Cricket since 2007

The League aims to provide cricket whereby young players can bridge the gap from youth to senior cricket. The competition is grounded in the ethos of traditional friendly Sunday cricket, which we know and love. However in these days where Sunday cricket is struggling with availability we provide an innovative approach to keep the game fast moving and enjoyable for all ages.

The key benefits are:

·         You will play 8 fixtures, which allows you to play in other competitions or fulfil established friendly fixtures if you want.

·         Your fixtures secretary has the flexibility to arrange games between April and September, maybe even on weekdays!!!

·         Games will be 5 hours long, usual start at 1pm with 6pm finish. 

·         You will play teams you don’t normally meet in your usual Saturday Leagues.

Why is the Warsop Sunday League different?

Warsop Sunday League has the ambition of providing for all ages and standards to make it fun to play in. It will also provide different challenges for captains than normal. In an effort to keep the game as fast moving as possible we’ve introduced the following exciting innovations to our 40 overs format.

·         Overs will be bowled in blocks of 10 from one end. Do your best bowlers have different ends? How much field tinkering do you do? Short boundries for 10 overs.

·         Bowlers can only bowl 5 over spells from a maximum of 8. No more first 16 overs by best fast bowlers. Captains will need to manage all their bowlers. 1st, 2nd and 3rd change will be in the games earlier plus they'll all bowl 2 spells.

·         Batsmen must retire at 50. Obviously they can return at the end of the innings but this ensures most players will get a bat.

·         2 runs for a wide and no extra ball except in the last over which will speed up the game dramatically.

·         Anything legside is a wide. Takes away any ambiguity.

·         ORANGE Warsop balls to be used. This will allow clubs to wear their coloured T20 uniforms if they wish.

·         Warsop will provide monthly player awards to young players.

·         £1000 to be shared by clubs fulfilling all their fixtures

·         Music can be played during stoppages, for boundaries and at fall of wickets without annoying neighbours and other users of grounds

·       Provides learning and development opportunites for playing, captaincy, umpiring and scoring

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For further information and to express interest, please contact organiser for Warsop; Peter Blackman